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Fall for the Burbs40

Posted by Deirdre // 09-17-2014


Catchy, huh? I just came up with that. First off, I do still live in Brooklyn and we don’t have plans to leave soon. That said, do I still have the conundrum? Yes. Does my husband come home from EVERY trip ANYWHERE outside of here and say, “I had an epiphany”? Yes. We have pretty much ruled out the suburbs because we both work freelance for now and it just wouldn’t make sense for us – we’re more emotionally connected to the city than needing to be physically connected to the city. Know what I’m sayin’? I thought I’d clear that up because sometimes I meet people who have heard of the blog who are surprised that we’re still here. We are.

Suburban Jungle EventBut the suburbs make sense for A LOT of people. Those who are tied to the city for work and want more space for their money. Those who want the security of a good school. Or those who just want the close access to the city without the everyday stress of the city. Yet unless you grew up in the suburbs of NYC or have other knowledge of the area through friends or something, it can be hard to decide which suburb is right.

I happened upon Suburban Jungle Realty I think on Facebook…or maybe through this NY Times article I wrote about a while ago – I can’t remember which. Anyway, I have been in touch with them for a long time and have been wanting to share their services with all of you because it’s just such a great idea! They help city dwellers who are looking in the burbs first with finding the right area for them and THEN connect them with brokers. They have a network of former city people to draw from to help those of us clueless about the burbs with all the typical city questions. So you start off talking to people like you, helping you find the right town for you and your family, not a broker trying to find you a house who may have a different agenda.

So if you happen to be around tomorrow after work in the city, you can check out Suburban Jungle and learn a bit more about them – rsvp to (I couldn’t do that HTML code for the life of me, so you’ll just have to copy and paste – sorry). And stay tuned for an event in Brooklyn that we’ll be doing together – I just may call it Fall for the Burbs!



Posted by Deirdre // 02-20-2013


Editor’s Note: As you’ll soon learn, I’m on vacation, which is why this post is about a 5-day old article you’ve undoubtedly already read and why the formatting sucks, because I’m doing this all on my iPad. Apologies.

I’m on vacation this week and have hardly launched a screen, I’m proud to say, except to complain about the Downton finale (seriously?!). My sister in law arrived Monday, so did read the paper this weekend and said, “Did you see that article in the Styles section? It’s your blog!”

Of course I immediately sort of panicked that I had missed something major, but then I really enjoyed snickering at most of the piece, Creating Hipsturbia, while sitting on the beach, screen in hand. First of all, it’s not totally the blog but it is a part of it, about making a scene your own where you land, even if it is in suburbia. The rest of it hit a bit close to the cool vs uncool discussion from a few weeks ago, with talk of tattoos and mutton chops and made me feel embarrassed to have ever made that what-is-cool-type commentary. It is also at times so obnoxious that it might make you embarrassed just to live in Brooklyn, or to be one of the people who moved from Brooklyn to one of the River Towns that make up most of the content of the piece. Whether they’re talking about how Brooklyn is so over, like “the last three days of Burning Man” or how these towns have become so “Brooklyn” because of things like farm to table restaurants, vegan bakeries and name-dropped cocktails (I looked up Fernet Branca for anyone, like me, who didn’t know what it was). It was a bit much. Read More…