Crooklyn? No, Quooklyn!27

Posted by Deirdre // 09-29-2014


Did you happen to see this piece in the Observer on Ridgewood, Queens, “aka Quooklyn”? Whhhaaaat?! Please tell me this is not being actually uttered out of anyone’s mouth. Have others heard this horrible (totally came from a Real Estate Broker) moniker?

Ridgewood’s “Architectural Eye Candy”

I’ve never been to Ridgewood, but we mentioned the hood in this piece a ways back, spurred by a NY Times article on somewhat far-flung neighborhoods ‘artists are flocking to’ (always a relative term with the Times). They’ve since written more, including the inevitable Brooklyn to Queens migration and seemed to have started with this Living In from 2011 — oh, if only we’d bought then! I’d love to hear more about Ridgewood’s schools and what life is like there if you have a family. It seems the Daily News is enamored with it too, claiming it’s the next hot hood, whatever that means.

With so many being priced out of Brooklyn (it’s only a matter of time for us renters) we may need to hop on the M and have a look.


Kings and Queens2

Posted by Deirdre // 01-22-2013


A thread on the group in the past week has been around Bayside, Queens and its surrounding towns, most notably for the District 26 schools. I know squat about this area, so decided to do a quick search on the NYT Living In section, at least.

There’s one on Fresh Meadows, which apparently lacks a subway — kind of a deal-breaker if you’re commuting in regularly, in my book at least. But is next to a neighborhood called Utopia – how bad can it be? And it seems like people in Bayside take the LIRR, so maybe that’s the case here too. There’s a recent Living In on Glen Oaks, which the article boasts is, “Long on trees, short on costs” because of the abundance of apartments.

The Living In on Bayside is from the 80s, so instead you might want to troll around on the local Patch for Bayside/Douglaston, or follow them on twitter. And the Daily News offered this Insider’s Guide to Bayside, including a few bars and restaurants and some info on the various pocket neighborhoods within that offer different housing options.

Anyone know more? I think my friend’s husband may be from here – I’ll see if I can dig up anything.

Fort Totten Park