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Crooklyn? No, Quooklyn!27

Posted by Deirdre // 09-29-2014


Did you happen to see this piece in the Observer on Ridgewood, Queens, “aka Quooklyn”? Whhhaaaat?! Please tell me this is not being actually uttered out of anyone’s mouth. Have others heard this horrible (totally came from a Real Estate Broker) moniker?

Ridgewood’s “Architectural Eye Candy”

I’ve never been to Ridgewood, but we mentioned the hood in this piece a ways back, spurred by a NY Times article on somewhat far-flung neighborhoods ‘artists are flocking to’ (always a relative term with the Times). They’ve since written more, including the inevitable Brooklyn to Queens migration and seemed to have started with this Living In from 2011 — oh, if only we’d bought then! I’d love to hear more about Ridgewood’s schools and what life is like there if you have a family. It seems the Daily News is enamored with it too, claiming it’s the next hot hood, whatever that means.

With so many being priced out of Brooklyn (it’s only a matter of time for us renters) we may need to hop on the M and have a look.


Bed-Stuy, Red Hook, and…Staten Island?120

Posted by Deirdre // 03-17-2012


I was up early with my older one (well, 8 o’clock which is NOT early but they went to bed at 11 after friends were over) who had some cereal and promptly went on the iPad. This is a weekend-only thing for them, and it allows me some time to do things like read.

My husband and I used to fantasize about living in this Red Hook building. Photo Ui Seit for The NY Times.

So I actually got through most of today’s NY Times Real Estate section, which is chock full of alt-Bklyn and city stuff. The Living In is about Red Hook — its feeling close to the “Manhattan-center-of-the-universe and still have a small town feel”. Residents of Red Hook are a specific lot, those seeking out its removed and hard-edged quality. As usual with this section, I find the information on the schools totally unhelpful. Does anyone out there send their kids to local schools, or have another alternative? It’s close to the Brooklyn New School but that’s lottery (and very in-demand).

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It’s South Orange To You, Pal6

Posted by Deirdre // 09-20-2011


I’ve been down for the count most of the weekend, so didn’t get to this until I actually took a sick day. In case you missed it, this week’s NY Times Living In centered on one of the most popular moving destinations for Brooklynites that I know of (purely anecdotal, mind you), South Orange, NJ. Of course Maplewood is probably mentioned more often, but according to this article, “…South Orange has larger lots and more notable architecture”, with one (totally unbiased) real estate agent noting that “It’s not your cookie-cutter kind of place.”

5 bdrm/4.5 bath 1908 colonial in Montrose Park for $675k!! WHAT?!

Apparently the town does offer a mix of more classic older homes (see above), along with more modern architecture in the neighborhood of Newstead.

Beyond Real Estate, the town offers some options for culture, has the kind of diversity we often fear losing when thinking about leaving Brooklyn – racial and a mix of sexual orientations – plus a walkable downtown. There’s a reason that 30% (I’m making that up) of Brooklynites end up in the area. Just remember that you would still have to say, “I’m from Jersey”.

[Late add] What the article doesn’t do – and something I’ve been frustrated with the Living In coverage in general – is talk with any sort of helpful information about schools beyond test scores. I do know the High School, Columbia, is located in and shares students with Maplewood. My college boyfriend went there – I went to private school in Manhattan and we ended up at the same college. Columbia’s ranking is not great amongst NJ high schools, but who knows what that means.

There are arts programs such as dance at CHS





Does anyone have personal experiences with pre-schools, elementary and/or middle schools? Would love to hear some perspectives.