The heart of Bklyn (or Beyond)?0

Posted by Deirdre // 03-21-2012


Sunset over Red Hook from the F train.

NPR has created a…community project of sorts. They’re asking people to show them their thoughts on the heart of their city – with photos or sound.

I love this idea, and is part of what we try to do here on the blog. When you’re checking out towns or cities to visit, you don’t want to go to the tourist-laden center, with its chain stores and lack of locals. You want to go where people who live there go – the tiny cafe with the great muffins and the perfect latte, the awesome playground, the co-op (?!).

What’s your idea of the heart of Brooklyn? Maplewood? Rowayton? Beacon? LA? ProvidencePittsburgh? Portland (ME and OR)? I’m trying to figure out my Brooklyn. It’s hard when there are so many hearts. I guess that’s why we find it so hard to leave.