Where it started1

Posted by Deirdre // 06-01-2011


So when this started, I didn’t know how the hell to do a blog. Or really have the time to find out. Now the kids are a few years older and I think I’ve finally realized what I can do with this. Here’s part of what I wrote way back when I thought I could actually figure out this puzzle (now all I plan to do is write about it).

Do we really want to live in a city that doesn’t sleep. Or need a city that has…”energy”. Or really use all that NY has to offer. But maybe we do?

The point is, I’m not sure. All I know is that it’s a constant quest to figure it out.

I/we want something more. More space, sure. But more quality of life, as cliche as it sounds, is definitely part of it. Even my 3 yr old asks why “we don’t live in the country?”. Why don’t we? When the kids need to get outside in the morning, we have to keep them from playing in the gutter. Nice.

The only thing is that it’s not so simple. We would leave friends. Even though we rarely see people, leaving would feel permanent. And it would feel far, no matter where we go. And we would leave what we know. A good cafe in walking distance (I do need my lattes, it’s not negotiable). A few good restaurants to choose from for the somewhat rare night we go out with or without the kids. Some semblance of culture – at least an awareness of it, around. Intelligent, discerning people. Not snobs. Just people who read and who can talk about things.

Can you find it in the city without spending millions (or even just 1)? Or without commuting as far as you would if you moved out? Can you find it elsewhere, and if so, what do you have to give up?


PS 295?2

Posted by Deirdre // 04-12-2011

We went to the Touch-a-Truck event at ps295 on Saturday, and although it was PACKED and we never got to even one truck (except the food truck), I was really impressed with what I saw of the school!

The zone is wonky, but I also know that the neighborhood is filled with artists and entrepreneurs doing cool stuff – and it’s fairly affordable. Worth checking out for sure if you’re looking to stay in Brooklyn.

On Saturday, besides seeing many others we know, I ran into an old friend who is an artist and jewelry designer who has her two boys there and loves it; we have a friend who teaches 3rd grade there and loves it – wants to send her twins there for pre-k; and we met a woman who teaches theater there (yes, they have a theater program) and couldn’t say enough great things about it. It’s small, very diverse and seemed to me there is a very active parent body. Check out the profile on insideschools.org – the reviews are amazing. Also houses a middle school in the building which is apparently very good.

Worth checking out for sure if you’re looking to stay in Brooklyn. Anyone out there send there kids there already? What do you think?


When life is like “Seinfeld”9

Posted by Deirdre // 06-12-2010


Originally posted: 2009

Another day, another ridiculous commute. It’s now a little before 10 (I should really be at work by 9:30) and I’m only in Brooklyn Heights, waiting for my third transfer of the morning. A guy is cutting his nails next to me. Some guy with missing teeth just asked me if I knew the address for Family Court in Manhattan. I am not kidding. It could only get worse if one of the fingernails hit me in the face and the toothless guy puked on me. I feel like Elaine from Seinfeld, when she was on the subway and the lights kept going out and all she could do was scream silently to herself.
Sometimes I imagine starting the day calmly strolling to my job, which in that case would be the proprietor of a store with lots of pretty things I can look at all day, and sell for lots of money to very nice and cool customers. Then I leave at 4 so I can have dinner with the kids and someone else cleans up afterward (my husband, I guess!). This is what I imagine is the life of the woman who runs Bump, the maternity store on Bergen St. She’s pretty, well-dressed and her kid is always smiling and well-behaved at the playground. She doesn’t look tired or out of control.

Speaking of which, last night my 3 year old said, “Mommy, why do you have blue here?” and pointed right under his eye. I thought maybe my mascara had run but alas, it was dark circles.