Lisa Danbrot, Maplewood/South Orange

Tell us about you and where you work.

Born and bred in Park Slope I’ve lived in numerous BK communities throughout childhood and adulthood. I moved to Maplewood NJ for more space and less schlepp. Inspired by the enclaves of Maplewood and South Orange, I added real estate sales to my arsenal (I have been teaching yoga since 1999), in order to assist a population that I know and love make a (sometimes) daunting transition to a prime alternative locale.

Many of our readers have limited time when looking, and have been exhausted by brokers in NYC (and beyond) trying to sell them things that don’t fit their needs. How will you work with them?

Brooklynites bring a broad spectrum of hopes to their search for next-stage-of life homes and numerous qualities to their transition-from-city moves, but underlying, there are common threads — ingenuity, acumen, design savvy and a desire for a like-minded community. I understand inside and out the magnetism of Brooklyn that is often so challenging to leave, and conversely, the needs that can ultimately trump the devotion. I start with this baseline, reducing the amount of time it might otherwise take to establish a mutual understanding.

Ok, we're a picky bunch - we like walkable downtowns, green space, great public schools, diversity, culture and a bit of a relaxed vibe. Oh, and good restaurants. What have you got?
Maplewood's charming downtown

Maplewood’s charming downtown

The SOMA district–South Orange/Maplewood–two sister communities rife with city transplants due to their proximity to the city (about 1/2 hr give or take), offers an intimate community vibe to young, expanding families. Walkability, numerous parks and ample greenery including the 2,110 acre South Mountain Reservation, 1920’s housing stock, parent-involved public schools, a community of integrated perspectives, traditions and pursuits, and a comfort level that allows for Kids to play outside with their neighbors and friends while parents watch from their kitchen windows give these towns considerable value.

Here we have so many ways to find each other -- what resources are there for new families looking for information, either online or off?

There are several community oriented websites that aren’t necessarily Park Slope Parents but come close!

Maplewood is Home – a blog about Maplewood geared towards people moving from the city (sounds familiar)

Maplewoodonline – great resource for happenings and opinions about local services (plus crazy people!–think ParkSopeParents circa 2006/2007)

Momagama – mom’s connection to necessary stuff in Maplewood, South Orange and surrounding communities

I’ve got more if you’re interested.

Here's your chance to sell us on something that's for sale now (knowing that it may be gone by the time someone reads this). Sometimes all that takes is a laundry room, so don't go too crazy.
128 Prospect Pl, South Orange

128 Prospect Pl, South Orange

This house is on a block that I previously sold a house on and I’ve always found it to be very charming. Prospect Place is quiet but is reported to have great block parties and lots of neighborly energy. Young families and long-time community members both enjoy life here, and it’s within walkable distance to both towns (and trains). It has a front porch AND a back deck and yard, with a gorgeous kitchen to boot.

Listing Agent: Ken Krasner with Weichert Realtors

Finally, how can we contact you?

Keller Williams Mid Town Direct Realty

181 Maplewood Avenue

cel: 917-674-4109

office: 973-762-5400