Bklyn or Beyond (fka Brooklyn vs Burbs and Beyond) has been a thriving list serve (ok, Yahoo group) since 2009 helping Brooklynites navigate the inevitable urge to get the hell out once having kids, and the resulting questions of where the hell do we go and how the hell and really, why? I started the group because my husband and I and many of our friends were having the same conversation over and over and OVER again. Let’s get OUT. Wait, but go where?

Where to?

We would leave friends – good friends who we’ve made in the last few years and old friends who we’ve managed to stay in touch with. And it would feel far, no matter where we go. And we would leave what we know. A good cafe in walking distance (I do need nearly perfect lattes, it’s not negotiable). A few good restaurants to choose from for the somewhat rare night we go out with or without the kids. Some semblance of culture – at least an awareness of it, around. Intelligent, discerning people. Not snobs. Just people who read and who can talk about things. Design. Style. Ya know, the important stuff.

So the blog is about both staying in Brooklyn – maybe in a neighborhood that allows you more space, less competition, and more or less of other things – and learning about the suburbs and other towns and cities all over the country from people who have some similar interests. Nowhere is too random, but I pretty much keep it to the Continental U.S. (until we go to Hawaii or the Amalfi Coast and want to stay). I’m from Manhattan – the crusty Upper East Side, to be exact. My husband is from a small small small town outside of the suburbs outside of Syracuse. Neither are an option. So we’re up for suggestions.

Oh, and I renamed the Blog Bklyn or Beyond because I didn’t want to scare away people who shiver when hearing the word “Burbs” and because it sounded kind of like a big box bedding store to some. I think Bklyn or Beyond sums it up pretty well.

You can read more about me here.