profile_roma2I grew up in Manhattan and never went below 57th Street except to go to clubs and Canal Jeans. I didn’t know squat about downtown and really (sadly), I’m not sure I even ever went to Brooklyn until I was in my 20s. After leaving uptown for down after college – and never looking back – I left Manhattan for Brooklyn in early ’99. At the time it was the be-all-end-all perfect solution to city life – more quiet, more trees, easier vibe and more me. I still adore it and I think it would break my heart to leave, but after having kids (actually even before that), it just seemed so hard. And I just can’t see the whole school-apartment-schlep thing going on until my little one goes off to college (in 2024!).

Yet I’m trapped here by my need for good food, amazing coffee, nice design, smart kids and cool/smart/funny parents. And I like being able to walk to all of the above. So if the above is important to you and you’re interested in starting a colony with us, let me know. Otherwise you can continue to read the blog, which may help you decide where to go. We still have not found the be-all-end-all, so we’re still here – searching.

I worked full time in brand strategy for 20 or so years, and left my day job in March 2012 to go freelance (hire me!) and be around more for my kids. I’m also a consultant at beautycounter, a new company that aims to put safe products into the hands of everyone. I love it. As far as the blog goes, I get to it when I can or when I’m inspired. For you, I hope it’s kind of cool and funny and informative and if nothing else, allows us all to realize that wherever we are, there’s some bad with the good. And it helps to complain loudly and exaggeratedly amongst others like ourselves, right?

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