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“A Touch of Brooklyn” – Ridgewood Update18

Posted by Deirdre // 11-11-2014

Roberta's? No - Trans-Pecos in Ridgewood via NY Times

Roberta’s? No – Trans-Pecos in Ridgewood via NY Times

It’s only gotten crazier since the last post. The latest, in the NY Times Styles section, tells us that “Cafes with vegan muffins, yoga studios and destination pizzerias have (naturally) sprouted.” So clearly, Ridgewood is totally Brooklyn. Of course the people who live in Ridgewood had lots to say about it, over on Gothamist.

“‘I love the term Quooklyn because it is so stupid looking and sounding that it perfectly captures the essence of the real estate hype machine. I feel like the NY Times is doing some Trading Places-esque social experiment where if they write enough articles about Ridgewood being the Next Big Thing, then it’ll become it, and Maureen Dowd wins $1 or something.’ —Alex Tween, 6 year resident of Ridgewood.”

Oh New York Times, what would we do without your Styles section making us all feel like we have already missed out whatever it is or we’re currently right this minute the only one not at the party? Though I think I’m pretty much past needing to hang out with Scout Willis, so that’s good. And Park Slope’s got vegan muffins aplenty.