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Posted by Deirdre // 02-26-2014


You heard it here first, you guys. Well, probably not because I had no idea how to promote my blog besides emailing my friends back in 2008. But there it was, on an early iteration of this blog called I Love/Hate NY (?!)…the I’m Loving Ditmas post. It talks about a week-old Sycamore (awww!), my husband’s obsession with the neighborhood and how he wanted to buy way back in the early aughts and how in ’08 we couldn’t afford it anymore. Pffft. Why, why, WHY will we never learn from our Real Estate mistakes? The only thing we did do was have my husband’s 40th at Sycamore downstairs, which in fact was amazing and damn I wish Instagram had been around then because it would have killed you how cool that room looked. I digress.

The Farm on Adderley via Tasting Table

The Farm on Adderley via Tasting Table

All of a sudden, everyone is all up in Ditmas — Tasting Table claims that Ditmas is “Having A Moment” and that Cortelyou is basically the new Smith Street.

And a few days before that, it was Brooklyn Based’s Guide to the neighborhood, Next Stop, Suburbia. The neighborhood does look kind of suburban, but not in a sprawly, big box store way. In a houses with yards way. It was what turned my stomach a little ten years ago when my husband was begging me to move there — it felt far and not at all like the city to me. But now that our lives are so different and we leave Brooklyn only when necessary, it really seems sort of ideal, though now probably out of our reach price-wise. BB claims the train ride to midtown is only 30 minutes, which seems like a stretch to me as an average, but if you work downtown near the Q or B? Or at home?

What about schools, you say? A Bklyn Or Beyond list serve member who raves about Ditmas whenever it comes up sent his kids to PS 217 and loved it (he also posted in the Inside Schools review of the school, I noticed). I’m trying to find more information on a new school that is/was slated to open in 2015, PS/IS 437 but there were mostly construction updates and those stopped sometime in 2012 so I’m thinking it’s no longer happening. Anyone else have good or bad things to say about Elementary Schools in the area?

Next up on the stay in Brooklyn front may be neighboring Kensington, which was featured in the always lame interesting NY Times Living In a few weeks ago.


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  1. March 7th, 2014 at 11:42 am

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  2. flatbushfred says:
    February 28th, 2014 at 10:55 am

    We’ve lived here since 1980, and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Our two sons, now in college, thrived at richly diverse and well-staffed PS 217, and we still work to raise funds for the school’s various arts programs. Also, we are walking distance from Midwood and ER Murrow High Schools, two of Brooklyn’s best. We have wonderful neighbors and it IS 30 minutes to midtown (OK, maybe 35) on the “Q.” Cortelyou Road is becoming a major destination, and new places are opening on Foster and Newkirk Avenues as well (Oxcart Tavern on Newkirk, our favorite).