Score One – or Two?- for Brooklyn!0

Posted by Deirdre // 01-09-2014


Look at all that green (it’s good)!

Thanks Gothamist, for finally posting something good about NYC! A recent study by Cal Berkeley shows that the city actually has fewer carbon emissions than the burbs, probably due to all that driving people have to do there (a guess) and the fact that this biking thing seems to have really taken off. There’s also a map of the entire country, making South Carolina look pretty sweet (politics be damned).

Speaking of suburban toxicity (or something like that), I came across this from The Atlantic on the new style of road development that’s apparently all the rage in many suburbs, what former street engineer and founder of the nonprofit Strong Towns, Chuck Marohn called a STROAD, “four-and-six-lane-wide thoroughfares, built for speed but also lined with retail and residential developments” — kind of like what they want to do to 4th Avenue!

But in other words, not a street and not a road, or as Chuck says, “the futon of transportation alternatives. Where a futon is a piece of furniture that serves both as an uncomfortable couch and an uncomfortable bed, a STROAD moves cars at speeds too slow to get around efficiently but too fast to support productive private sector investment.” Chuck, you have made me laugh, rethink my move out of the city AND my considering a futon for our tiny office/guest room, so thank you.