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The United States of Attitude – Which State Matches Your Personality?16

Posted by Deirdre // 11-07-2013


This is totally ICMYI, because it’s from 10 days ago or so. I have a “stack” (digitally, of course) of things I’ve been meaning to post but was actually busy doing some paid work (yay!). I’ll try to get a bunch of it out, in case you rely solely on this blog for all of your relevant internet content.

This find from Time Magazine was fun and cool but I would not want to choose a place to live based on my current attitude. A friend of mine from high school who is now a hard core Yogi-Buddist-off-the-grid kind of guy, posted something on Facebook the other day (okay, I guess he’s not completely off the grid) about some sort of cosmic alignment that will cause major upheaval in our states of mind, and not in a good way. I hope I can attribute my total crap mood of the past few days to the stars.

I guess I'm naturally creative and relaxed, aka awesome

I guess I’m naturally creative and relaxed, aka awesome

That said, this “mood map” of the U.S., which has a neat little test you can take to find out where you belong based on the type of person you are. Now, it doesn’t account for honesty, and I did find it hard to answer based on reality versus who I want to be. But I took the test a few days ago (in a relatively good mood) and I guess the person I want to be belongs in California! Read More…