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Moving With Kids1

Posted by Deirdre // 09-18-2013

The "blue truck" was one of the ways we got our boys excited for the move (at 2 and 4)

The “blue truck” was one of the ways we got our then 2 and 4 year old boys excited for the move

There are constantly questions on the listserve about this subject, and right now there’s been some back and forth about moving companies, so I thought I’d share this post from a blog called Raising Dick and Jane. Half of it is sponsored by a moving company, Corrigan, but the blogger, Mary interviews the company and asks really good questions, so it’s not all just advertising blather.

Like, “What services that you offer do you find beneficial especially for families with young children who are moving”?

Our move representatives usually carry activity books with them to give out to kids. These neat books help kids to prepare for their move with coloring pages, mazes, and games, all designed to help get kids excited about their move and the adventures awaiting them at their new home…

Corrigan also has its own blog, Handle With Care in which her guest post appears, along with others on the subject that seem super helpful, like what you should be doing leading up to your move, week by week. Incidentally, Mary and her family live in Detroit! Maybe I’ll ask her to do a guest post to feed my obsession on that funky city. And thanks to Scarlet from Family Focus Blog for the tip via twitter.

Anyone have any good moving tips, or moving fails they want to share?




Is That What I Look Like?4

Posted by Deirdre // 09-10-2013


This may be our sad reality, courtesy of this month’s great New Yorker cover by Adrian Tomine, a Brooklyn dad. Pfft.

CVC_TNY_09_16_13_580pxBut he has some good advice: “…avoid that sadistic real estate feature in the Times where they show you, like, ‘What you get for…$150,000’ in other cities.”

Make sure to check out this interview with him from a previous issue, too, about moving to New York and what he thinks now that this city is where he calls home.