Brooklyn Based No More0

Posted by Deirdre // 08-07-2013


This is her dining room in JC – pretty sweet!

Colleen Kane mentioned the blog on Brooklyn Based last year, in her piece “I Walk the Mile,” when she was having the all-too-familiar stay or go crisis. It looks like she chose go, and will chronicle her exit(s) in a column called “Life After Brooklyn”. Interestingly, she chose not to go to the ‘burbs or way beyond — but to Jersey City.

More interesting is that she echoes some of the themes that have come up recently on the Bklyn or Beyond list serve about staying in Brooklyn but having to choose fringe neighborhoods and what that sometimes entails – crappy supermarkets, garbage, noise, etc. In addition, on the Facebook page I often post about JC, mostly because a friend lives there and is actively involved in the betterment of the city, and I share her posts.

I’m looking forward to following Colleen’s quest and will keep you updated!