Forbes Odd “Best Cities for Raising A Family”8

Posted by Deirdre // 06-06-2013


Always variable, and as they say “come down to personal tastes and preferences,” but these things are fun to read. This year #2 is my mother’s home town of Boise, Idaho! A beautiful place and cool, progressive small city, believe it or not. Other top 10 – Grand Rapids, MI at #1, Provo, Utah at #3 (yeah, you and Alan Stanwych – didn’t this guy see Fletch?) and  Raleigh, NC at #5. Ok, I get Raleigh but seriously– close to home, there’s Poughkeepsie at #6 (?!) and Worcester, MA at #10 (according to my husband, “the East Coast Meth capital?!”). Note Provo isn’t the only city in Utah in the top 10, and Ohio also shows up twice. Seems kind of strange, no?

The beautiful Boise River, which runs right through the city

Here are their criteria:

“We looked at the 100 largest MSA’s in the United States, ranking each in seven categories: median income, overall cost of living, housing affordability (what pct. of the market is affordable to a family at the median income), commuting delays, percentage of families owning homes, crime rate and education quality (mainly test scores).”

So you may want to look a bit further into the schools, if their basis is mostly test scores – it may not be exactly the kind of education you’re looking for, but who knows!

My favorite part is the writer’s assessment of life in NYC, which if I had to guess, is not his cup of watered-down tea (and Chicago, where people often party with the stars I’m told), “If you’re looking to chase a fortune, party with the stars and feel the energy of millions, go to New York or Chicago”. Yep, that sums up my life. “But if you’re happy with a solid job that lets you get home in time to see the kids, and where the value of your house isn’t likely to crumble tomorrow, the small-city life is tough to beat.”

Thoughts on this?


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  1. sheri says:
    June 6th, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    I am obsessed with articles like this – I find the “criteria” that each uses fascinating. And as I struggle with my own “should I stay or should I go” from New York, I realize more and more that what we need to do is make a sort of short list and actually get to these places ourselves. As it turns out, the “triangle” is high on our list too!

    • June 6th, 2013 at 10:30 pm

      I think the Raleigh area sounds great. As far as the criteria – it’s tough to base anything on these in terms of real consideration as a new place to look into! If you’re already considering a place and it gets good marks on stats like these, that’s another story. And like you say, get there yourself to find out if it lives up to what you’re looking for. We’ve thought about so many places that look good “on paper” and then go there and feel like “pfffft”.