Bklyn Prospect Charter – Elementary School!0

Posted by Deirdre // 05-22-2013



Straight from the awesome Joyce Szuflita’s newsletterBrooklyn Prospect Charter, which is currently grades 6-12 (get it, no searching and applying for High School!) is opening an elementary school! They use the great IB curriculum in the upper grades, and will be “applying the principles” to the elementary school. It’s a lottery, with priority going to District 13 families but open to all. Joyce said,

“I don’t make a practice of identifying all the new charters that are opening in this blog. I list them regularly in the my monthly newsletter and alert my private clients in our consults, but this very unusual last minute option is worth mentioning separately”.

Big deal, in other words. So if you’re in a bind for next fall for Kindergarten, or not happy with your current option, definitely check this out!



Google Search Round-up1

Posted by Deirdre // 05-08-2013


This post was spurred by this note on facebook from The Cat Lady Sings, a hilarious blog I just started following.

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 10.11.32 AM





Lest you all think that your google searches are secret, know that there’s always someone on the receiving end of your click watching you. Once you recover from that alarming fact, you can laugh at some of these and realize that there are many others in your boat. And some truly crazy people. I added some color commentary just for fun, and links to the posts that actually contain some of this stuff. It also has made me realize a lot of promises I made about posts that I never delivered. Oh well. Nashville, Part 2 is coming one day soon!

When you’re done with this ridiculousness, let me know how you found this blog. And if it’s through one of these links, please claim it.

  • “jack white” “harmony korine” “nashville” [yes, I’m a sucker for celebrity]
  • hastings on hudson day trip
  • rob lowe forum [Thanks to Jason Savage, this lead someone to this blog]
  • cant find an apt in ps321 [well, my landlord is selling!]
  • brooklyn brand [yeah, there’s that]
  • hudson williamsburg
  • bay ridge vs park slope
  • is pleasantville the new brooklyn [um, not sure. what was the answer?]
  • hastings on hudson ny andre leon talley [you got it, cape and all]
  • sunset park gentrification artists
  • greenpoint expensive [yeah, i guess so!]
  • sponge city [ha]
  • who fucked hastings on hudson [that is an excellent question!]
  • kim gordon thurston moore northampton
  • gentrification in crown heights
  • sunset park native
  • g train bklyn
  • brooklyn and beyone
  • prospect lefferts” gentrification white people [oops]
  • buying a brownstone with another family [DON’T do it. kidding, mostly.]
  • considering pittsburgh [let us know how that goes! i have a secret love for pburgh]
  • brooklynization of culture
  • commute red bank to brooklyn
  • westchester hipsters [it’s true, there are some]
  • information list for parents great barrington ma
  • we moved to hastings on hudson from brooklyn 2 years ago [and how’s it going?]
  • greenpoint/williamsburge talking
  • maplewood after brooklyn [you and the rest of the neighborhood]
  • why you should raise your kids in brooklyn vs sf [i don’t know – sf is pretty awesome]
  • where to move in westchester for kids
  • what is gentrification doing to brooklyn [this is an existential question, i think]
  • montclair vs larchmont
  • hastings on hudson cool mom [uh huh]
  • the next brooklyn in westchester
  • westchester romantic day trips [you will find nothing romantic on this site except talk of laundry rooms and garages]
  • beyond brooklyn
  • what does brooklyn or bust
  • “moving” from westchester to brooklyn [i like that the moving is in quotes, as though they’re saying, “hypothetically, if we moved from westchester to brooklyn”]
  • suburbs v brooklyn
  • clinton hill vs bay ridge
  • greenpoint vs park slpe
  • hipsturbia rye
  • raising kids affordably in brooklyn [oh, that’s rich, so to speak]
  • brooklyn of westchester
  • leslie mann knocked up red bull [yes!]
  • new york gentrified suburbs
  • we moved to croton from park slope
  • considering leaving brooklyn [and you’re crying as you write this, i know]
  • facebook quotes hood vs suburbs
  • redhook to bedsty
  • park slope to larchmont
  • moving from brooklyn to the river town
  • are brooklynites really moving to westchester? [well, yeah]
  • which part of westchester is the most like brooklyn [what answer did you get?! dying to know. i’d say hastings?]
  • brooklyn is over [TOTALLY. well, not really. *sob*]
  • pickles [and not the cat from Fire Cat]
  • blacksburg hipster
  • 20 best small towns in the west [sounds like something from Billy the Kid]
  • county nyc versus seersucker
  • maggie kemper rogers seattle [woot!]
  • joyce szuflita nyc school help [yay!]
  • baltimore sprawl map
  • things to do in hastings on hudson
  • philadelphia the sixth borough [see! i told you]
  • ps 261 dads [what about them?!]
  • greenwood heights coffee [southside does rule, y’all]
  • it’s our time at the edge [again, thanks Jason]
  • park slope mom blog new jersey schools maplewood [am i the park slope mom? omg, I am! this reminds me of Mad About You, “I’m the mommy!” and now someone will get to my blog when they’re searching for a Mad About You episode. I love the internet.]

The NYC Public School Shuffle8

Posted by Deirdre // 05-05-2013



A happy family living in Crown Heights, loving their local PS 705

If you’re out enjoying this gorgeous day (and not inside posting on your blog or cleaning up your apartment for an open house because the owner is selling, for example) then you may have missed the article in today’s NYT Real Estate section about moving (or cheating) to get your kids into a good school. 114 comments on the article, and counting. Always good nuggets in these pieces, even though some of it (like the family at left, a bit) can occasionally make one seethe with jealousy.

What did you do – or will you do – to get your kids into your school of choice?