NYC’s 8 Best Outdoor Oases via Gothamist0

Posted by Deirdre // 04-10-2013

A schooner around Manhattan? I guess so!

A schooner around Manhattan? I guess so!

We all know that one of the ways we stay sane in the city is to basically get out. Or at least hit the parks or bike paths or beaches. And now that the weather has finally come around, Gothamist is helping out with this nice little list of city escapes so you don’t have to necessarily get out (though there’s only one listed in Brooklyn and it’s the Williamsburg Bridge – curious). Personally, we’ve really been missing our favorite beaches of late because of the Sandy devastation, so this is a nice reminder of some places we’ve been (Wave Hill is amazing) and some we’ve been meaning to go to forever (The Cloisters) and some we didn’t even know existed (see photo!). Most are a quick drive or not so quick subway ride.

What about you – headed anywhere good this weekend?


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