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The Sixth Borough2

Posted by Deirdre // 04-16-2013


The Piazza at Schmidt's (?) where the BK Flea Ph will runThe city of brotherly love — Philadelphia — has been called this before by none other than The New York Times, again trying to make a movement from what may just be a coincidence. Although some numbers supporting the claim have been produced by NY Mag and Gothamist, and Brokelyn climbed on the bandwagon as recently as last year. And now, with the Brooklyn Flea descending upon its historic cobblestone streets, it may be fully realized. Yep, Brownstoner revealed today that as of June 2, there will be a Brooklyn Flea Philly. I guess it couldn’t be called the Philly Flea, although that’s pretty catchy. I also like that the Flea website chose Mark Wahlberg to represent (although isn’t he from Boston? oh, it’s one of his characters from a movie called Invincible which I’ve never even heard of).

But really, these guys didn’t expand to Queens or the Bronx – they chose Philly, which I guess says a lot! We’ve occasionally had Philly fantasies (wow, there are a lot of good alliterations possible with that name). How about you?


NYC’s 8 Best Outdoor Oases via Gothamist0

Posted by Deirdre // 04-10-2013

A schooner around Manhattan? I guess so!

A schooner around Manhattan? I guess so!

We all know that one of the ways we stay sane in the city is to basically get out. Or at least hit the parks or bike paths or beaches. And now that the weather has finally come around, Gothamist is helping out with this nice little list of city escapes so you don’t have to necessarily get out (though there’s only one listed in Brooklyn and it’s the Williamsburg Bridge – curious). Personally, we’ve really been missing our favorite beaches of late because of the Sandy devastation, so this is a nice reminder of some places we’ve been (Wave Hill is amazing) and some we’ve been meaning to go to forever (The Cloisters) and some we didn’t even know existed (see photo!). Most are a quick drive or not so quick subway ride.

What about you – headed anywhere good this weekend?


This Town Is Too Good To Be True!18

Posted by Deirdre // 04-01-2013


You guys this is freaky. You know how I always say that if only we could transplant part of Brooklyn to another town? Well, apparently it’s happening. A well-known, left-leaning philanthropist has gotten together with an urban planner and a green developer and basically they’re going to replicate part of Cobble Hill in an all but abandoned town just north of Westchester. And while the brownstones and townhouses will be built from the ground up, it’s all using locally sourced pre-used materials, and the lots will be twice the size to allow for garages and full half-acre yards. There’s also an old factory which will be converted into lofts. And because of the deal reached with the county and a special Federal grant, prices for an 1,800 square foot home will likely be around $450,000, with taxes that won’t top $1k per year for 40 years because of a tax abatement.

Downtown will use Burlington, Vermont’s Church Street as inspiration.

As far as the commercial downtown, the early 20th century buildings will be restored to their former glory, with more modern touches of course, and many of our favorite Brooklyn businesses have signed on to open up Northern outposts there that are inspired by but slightly different versions of their Brooklyn establishments – Seersucker, Al di la, Café Pedlar, Mile End and Area to name a few. Zoning rules in the town charter dictate that no big box stores or large chains will open on Main Street.

The schools will also be stellar – rumors are swirling that a favorite Assistant Principal from a beloved Cobble Hill elementary school is making the trek to take over the Pre-K through 8th Grade school, which will recruit all of its teachers from Bank Street and Teacher’s College. The High School will be run by staff from St. Ann’s, Brooklyn Tech and Mark Twain High Schools. Each of the schools will also benefit from the huge rooftop gardens they’ll cultivate through an education partnership with nearby Stone Barns, and the arts programs will be run by Bard professors.

town lake

The lake and part of the town park

The town abuts a huge nature preserve on the North side, full of walkable trails and a beautiful swimmable lake. An old train station will be refurbished and an express to Grand Central will take only 40 minutes, with fees capped at $4 per ride to encourage ridership. They plan to run the trains every 15 minutes.

Where is this and what is this Utopian town called? Just North of reality, it’s called Inurdreams. April Fool’s, people.