Wake Me Up When Brooklyn Is Over…9

Posted by Deirdre // 03-24-2013


These Brooklyn articles are becoming exhausting. I learned about this one in the NYT T Magazine from this hilarious tweet:

So this piece is a little bit different, because it’s talking about the very phenomenon of anything that is “hip” or “hipster” (you know the drill) is now considered “Brooklynized”. As one of the commenters said, it’s both funny and disturbing. But I think that’s the point the writer is trying to make — many of the places that are being deemed “the Brooklyn of X” were cool or artsy or different or whatever is Brooklyn these days, long before Brooklyn was this brand of hip. Brooklyn was also hip before the media caught on and Williamsburg became the epicenter of “it” culture.

Vlassic pickles at the Bklyn Flea?

Vlassic pickles at the Bklyn Flea?

But seriously, guys — just let it go already. Aren’t people tired of it? Hipster ≠ Brooklyn and Brooklyn ≠ Hipster. It’s so frigging cliché at this point. The handlebar mustache dude slinging artisinal pickles, or the dad in the fedora – ridiculous and yet whatever, anywhere you are. What if the guy just really loved pickles and always wanted to make pickles and now there’s an actual market big enough for him to make pickles all the livelong day. I say, good for him. It’s probably only a matter of time before Vlassic comes out with artisinal pickles anyway. All this Vlassic dude needs is suspenders and some thicker glasses and he’s golden (if only I had decent photoshop skills, I could crush this).

I’m not really sure why this post ended up being about pickles, but there you have it.


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