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Wake Me Up When Brooklyn Is Over…9

Posted by Deirdre // 03-24-2013


These Brooklyn articles are becoming exhausting. I learned about this one in the NYT T Magazine from this hilarious tweet:

So this piece is a little bit different, because it’s talking about the very phenomenon of anything that is “hip” or “hipster” (you know the drill) is now considered “Brooklynized”. As one of the commenters said, it’s both funny and disturbing. But I think that’s the point the writer is trying to make — many of the places that are being deemed “the Brooklyn of X” were cool or artsy or different or whatever is Brooklyn these days, long before Brooklyn was this brand of hip. Brooklyn was also hip before the media caught on and Williamsburg became the epicenter of “it” culture.

Vlassic pickles at the Bklyn Flea?

Vlassic pickles at the Bklyn Flea?

But seriously, guys — just let it go already. Aren’t people tired of it? Hipster ≠ Brooklyn and Brooklyn ≠ Hipster. It’s so frigging cliché at this point. The handlebar mustache dude slinging artisinal pickles, or the dad in the fedora – ridiculous and yet whatever, anywhere you are. What if the guy just really loved pickles and always wanted to make pickles and now there’s an actual market big enough for him to make pickles all the livelong day. I say, good for him. It’s probably only a matter of time before Vlassic comes out with artisinal pickles anyway. All this Vlassic dude needs is suspenders and some thicker glasses and he’s golden (if only I had decent photoshop skills, I could crush this).

I’m not really sure why this post ended up being about pickles, but there you have it.


I’ll Make It…Anywhere3

Posted by Deirdre // 03-15-2013


A lot of us feel that we’re tied to the city or its immediate surroundings because of our work. This company shows that even if you’re in advertising or digital marketing or technology (really, they’re all kind of the same now), you can do it from a place like Blacksburg, Virginia. 

Business Week called Blacksburg the Best Place in the U.S. to Raise Kids in 2011 and if you read the piece it sounds amazingly compelling, with great schools and lots of green space and outdoorsy activities, as it sits right between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains. It’s home to Virginia Tech and thus has become a hotbed of start-ups because graduates are reluctant “to leave the natural beauty of the New River Valley,” as CNN points out in its Top 100 Places to Live and Launch. Granted, this piece was done in ’08, but the guys from Modea are graduates of VT and are still there doing pretty well in ’13. And the video above is compelling from a work environment standpoint, no?

This post wasn’t supposed to be all about Blacksburg, VA as I don’t expect many people to move there, though it does sound pretty great (but very white). It’s a suggestion to look beyond the usual when you’re doing that LinkedIn search for jobs around the country. When I lived in San Francisco I had the lamest job EVER and couldn’t stand many of the people I worked with. They were very nice and in fact too nice for this caustic city kid (I found this to be true of SF in general, btw but this was before kids so who knows how I would feel now), and I wonder if I would’ve stayed if I’d worked in a place I felt was more exciting and interesting.
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City Guides And Other Unexpected Resources4

Posted by Deirdre // 03-13-2013


I love Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy, though both tend to make me feel like a total under achiever. Why don’t I put up those curtains and recover the couch in my office and stain that bookcase and reorganize my closets like I think about every night when I can’t sleep? For now, I’ll just Pin these things and make myself another cup of coffee, I guess.

Fab looking store Bliss Home on Market Square in Knoxville

Anyway, there are some great features on each that may actually help you in your search, rather than just make you feel lame. First off, the Design Sponge City Guides. Let’s say you’re thinking about a move to Knoxville (Tennessee on the brain!) and wonder what life is like there for the average cute, young woman with a perfect little job and no responsibilities? Sorry, I digress. I do think Design Sponge is often targeted toward a slightly younger person than me, but it does show is how awesomeness – at least how I define it – can be found in many corners of the world. There usually aren’t many kid activities included, but a quick search online will easily find you some parent bloggers in the city which then can lead to any number of local resources for parents (some of which may include a healthy dose of Bible stuff if you happen to be searching in a place like Knoxville).

On Apartment Therapy there are a few areas of interest that aren’t just about redoing your kitchen cabinets. One is a Parenting Section, that has helpful posts like Tips for Minimizing Noise from kids when you have neighbors (though my 5 and 7 year old are more likely to associate “little feet” with a stoner band from the 70s than how to walk through the house). They also have a Renters Section, which has great info if you’re just dipping a toe in where you may end up (I think this is so the way to go but that’s just me) and local guides to some other cities, including Portland OR, San Francisco, Philly, Boston and more.
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