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Editor’s Note: As you’ll soon learn, I’m on vacation, which is why this post is about a 5-day old article you’ve undoubtedly already read and why the formatting sucks, because I’m doing this all on my iPad. Apologies.

I’m on vacation this week and have hardly launched a screen, I’m proud to say, except to complain about the Downton finale (seriously?!). My sister in law arrived Monday, so did read the paper this weekend and said, “Did you see that article in the Styles section? It’s your blog!”

Of course I immediately sort of panicked that I had missed something major, but then I really enjoyed snickering at most of the piece, Creating Hipsturbia, while sitting on the beach, screen in hand. First of all, it’s not totally the blog but it is a part of it, about making a scene your own where you land, even if it is in suburbia. The rest of it hit a bit close to the cool vs uncool discussion from a few weeks ago, with talk of tattoos and mutton chops and made me feel embarrassed to have ever made that what-is-cool-type commentary. It is also at times so obnoxious that it might make you embarrassed just to live in Brooklyn, or to be one of the people who moved from Brooklyn to one of the River Towns that make up most of the content of the piece. Whether they’re talking about how Brooklyn is so over, like “the last three days of Burning Man” or how these towns have become so “Brooklyn” because of things like farm to table restaurants, vegan bakeries and name-dropped cocktails (I looked up Fernet Branca for anyone, like me, who didn’t know what it was). It was a bit much.

Then again, some of the things they’re talking about are appealing, like a town you can walk to get a (good) coffee or a gallon of (organic) milk. And yes, Subarus instead of Lexuses (although again, who’s to say…). Alison Bernstein, who started The Suburban Jungle Realty Group after moving from the city to Westchester, calls the areas that have a lot of these qualities “‘the Brooklyn triangle’: the somewhat artsier suburbs between Montclair or Glen Ridge in New Jersey, Larchmont in Westchester and the Hudson River towns.” She says that these areas are attracting Brooklynites because “the overall vibe…is very laid back. It’s not very big-box retail-y, not strip-mall-y.”

Sooo. Maybe read between the lines. There’s definitely some good to be had in this article, it just comes with a salmon boudin hot dog. Then again, when I looked up The Village Dog in Tarrytown to include a link for said dog, I kind of fell in love. So basically, I am the cliche. I can roll my eyes all I want, but they build this shit for people like me. And there’s some comfort in that.

Oh and p.s. – I’ve had a few exchanges with Alison of Suburban Jungle – hoping to collaborate somehow because her business is kind of genius! Stay tuned on that.



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  1. September 17th, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    […] happened upon Suburban Jungle Realty I think on Facebook…or maybe through this NY Times article I wrote about a while ago – I can’t remember which. Anyway, I have been in touch with them […]

  2. jason savage says:
    February 21st, 2013 at 7:37 am

    it’s cherry picking, as so many articles about Brooklyn seem to be. like if we wanted to write about Greenwich we’d *only* feature hedge fund managers with four homes. but the, who would read an article in the Times titled “there may be a new suburban dynamic emerging in certain pockets of Westchester”?

    as much as it made me laugh, i find it encouraging. coffee joints with good tunes and a decent commute? nice to hear about.