Maryland vs Sprawl1

Posted by Deirdre // 01-04-2013


The Chesapeake Bay is BIG via Bill Nelson map

I traveled to Baltimore quite a bit in my old job, and it was very sprawly. I was never even near the “DC corridor” which I imagine is teeming with cars and chain restaurants. But the Chesapeake Bay is so crazily stunning – I’ve seen it from the train and the air and was awed by its gorgeousness (although from the train I could also see areas of Baltimore where I would crane my neck to see if I could see Omar with his sawed off shot-gun turning the corner).

Anyway this is good news: according to The Atlantic Cities, seems that Governor Martin O’Malley gets it and is declaring war on sprawl, in the form of “…PlanMaryland, a statewide smart growth plan that encourages the development of high-density residential pockets along established lines of infrastructure. The hope is that this effort will produce a  stronger Baltimore-Washington mega-region, and a more sustainable quality of life”.

I wonder how long this will take…