More “Reasons to Love New York”0

Posted by Deirdre // 12-10-2012


NY Mag’s annual Reasons to Love New York issue is out. For some reason the last two years these issues have made me way more nostalgic and proud of the city I call home, rather than disgusted with people’s money or how much shit costs or things of that nature. Maybe the focus is different? I dunno. I certainly have less money than prior years so it can’t be that I’ve caught up!

Some favorites:

Because Now Even Our Principals Are Speaking Out Against Overtesting.

They mention the principal of PS 261 in Boreum Hill, Zipporiah Mills and I know that Liz Phillips of PS 321 in Park Slope is also very involved in managing the testing process as best she can.

Because, After 55 Years, You Can Finally Transfer From the F Train to the Uptown 6 at Broadway-Lafayette.

This would have made my Cobble Hill-to-Midtown commute (’03-’06) about 10 minutes shorter and $2 cheaper – that’s 50 minutes and $10 a week, or $15,000 over 3 years! What?! I think I ended up buying a monthly Metro Card, actually.

The new Bleeker Street station, with transfer to Bway/Lafayette!

Because We’re Now the Only City Spoiled With Two Teams in All Major Sports.

I know many people are annoyed with this conversation, but I love the Nets! And was totally against the stadium and still wish it wasn’t where it is…but damn. I’m psyched to have a Brooklyn basketball team.

Because Our Governor Isn’t Afraid to Talk About Global Warming.

Let’s hope he does the right thing on fracking, too.

Because Red Hook Wouldn’t Let Red Hook Go Under.

It’s just inspiring.

And finally…

Because Ellen Grossman can make small talk with a stranger on the subway, find out who the stranger is, end up on YouTube, and have the city fall in love with her.

Watch it if you haven’t and if it doesn’t make you smile then I don’t know what will.

What are some of your reasons to love New York?