Making the Bus: A Look Back0

Posted by Deirdre // 10-19-2012


I wrote this in 2009 (when the B69 route was down PPW) but guess I never posted it. Plus I had no followers! This post on Scary Mommy made me think of it.

So every once in awhile, people ask me, “What’s going on with your blog?”. “Eh, nothing,” I say. With work and kids it’s hard to find the time to write. But I’m stuck on the subway with nothing to read, so here I am.

It’s Winter. I mean it’s now REALLY Winter – the kind of day when you have to take a minute after getting inside to just thaw out. I took my 3 year old to school today and it’s always a struggle to get him out of the house on time, because he simply doesn’t understand time. His school is about a 12-15 minute walk, but it includes walking past Grand Army Plaza, which is a swarm of traffic and a crazy wind tunnel, so when the weather’s bad, we try to take the bus. “Why do we have to rush to make the bus?” he says every time. “Because it will leave if we’re not there,” I say. “But why?”

Last week, when we missed the bus because my nanny was late and husband was away on business for FOUR DAYS, we were walking up Union Street with the cold rain whipping us in the face and I thought I was going to lose it. Miraculously Z didn’t freak out, until of course I did, when I swept him into a building with a lobby to get ourselves together. He kept saying “I want to make the bus,” but of course we’d already missed it and were halfway to school. We walked the rest of the way – about 5 blocks – and I managed to keep it together, but was cursing under my breath. No way to start a day.

So today I was determined to make that frigging bus. As we approached Plaza Street, I saw it careening around the bend towards our stop. There’s usually only one other person there so I knew we had to move – fast – not something that most 3 year olds are very good at unless there’s some reward. But Z loves the bus, so I’ve been trying to use that as bait.

“There’s our bus – let’s run!” I said. “But finish telling me the story,” Z said, running. I managed, “I’ll finish it on the bus, now let’s run!” He was into it, at least. There’s no way we would’ve made it otherwise, and the fact that it was so cold that about ten other people decided to take the bus today instead of walking, so it took some time for them to get on. 

I was totally winded, of course. Besides having no time to write this blog, I have no time to work out! But we made it, and I seriously don’t know what I would’ve done if we hadn’t. 

Is that normal? Am I overly stressed? Am I overly stressed because of this crazy living situation (eg, small two bedroom, 1 bath with kids’ toys and strollers taking up most of the room)? Is it New York, or is it having two boys under the age of four? Is it because I work? Is it because of all of those things combined? Probably. I guess the question is, what part of that equation can be changed?

Follow up: I’m glad to say it’s better now. My kids are older. They understand time a little bit better (ok, minutely). I’m not working! And school is only a block and a half away. I have it GOOD.


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