ARCHIVE FOR August, 2012


Posted by Deirdre // 08-05-2012


I should never make any promises in writing about posts, it’s clear to me now. I mean, I have a draft of a post from July 4th of LAST YEAR. I haven’t quite figured out how to get this thing down. But I do know I have to get the “End of the Year” post off of the home page now that it’s August. Yikes.

So even though I said this was going to be a “week” about staying in Brooklyn, we’ve actually been out of town a lot. And unless my husband becomes a tenured professor somewhere and this blog becomes a real money-maker, this is the last time we get to just take the month of August off and cut out of the city. So this is more about beyond the burbs than anything else. Or how life might be if you can afford to live in Brooklyn and have a country house – kind of the dream in a way.

Zach at the lake

First we were at my dad’s in Putnam County, where I used to spend summers as a kid.

Then the boys and I went to my mother-in-law’s upstate for the annual 4th of July festivities, while my husband was in Germany at a film festival.

Theo up in the air upstate

We also spent a weekend in the Catskills with old friends, who moved  from Brooklyn to Charleston to Birmingham. The kids are all still besties, having known each other since birth.

Tadpole hunt in the Catskills

And since the end of July, we’ve been stationed at my mom’s house in Connecticut where the kids have been swimming like crazy, riding bikes, playing baseball, lacrosse and all sorts of suburban-like things. And I’ve been running almost every day, which has felt pretty awesome.

Turning into fishes at the neighbors’ pool in Connecticut

Then I had to go into the city one day last week to get our apartment ready for sub-letters. And I got to go out to dinner with a few of my besties, one of whom is a BorBer herself. The conversation drifted to the fact that they just put their two girls into one room and changed their apartment around so that it feels much bigger, and they’re settled on staying for now. And how lucky we are that we just got to have dinner together at this amazing restaurant where miraculously none of us had been yet, two subway stops on the F from each of us. And I haven’t even talked about our trips to Coney Island or Brooklyn Crab or Celebrate Brooklyn. So, the conundrum continues…

Oh how I love this place…they have a screen door!