Between Home And Another Home2

Posted by Deirdre // 05-06-2012


Check out this inspiring piece by writer Thomas Beller from today’s T Magazine. This guy and his young family split their time between his mother’s apartment on the Upper West Side and New Orleans, where he’s a professor at Tulane. In In-Between Days, he talks about the lure of being almost always at the ready, to get up and go – again.

Thomas Beller and his family in New Orleans, via NY Times

“…beneath all this motion is a kind of craziness. It’s not just circumstances, it’s us. Our crazy need for motion. Feeling the next transition looming before us like a surfer spotting a huge wave…The Departure Zone, when everything becomes precious, and you have energy for superhuman feats of experiencing. And the Arrival Zone, when you strain to fill a place with your spirit, and marvel at the beauty and oddness of the new surroundings… It’s a reunion. You see everyone, and they are all happy to see you. Then you settle into life. A sense of normal returns.

And one day you look at the calendar. You are halfway to the next transition…A world of fantasies springs anew.”

It got me thinking. Not about splitting our time between two places – I’m just not organized enough and probably too neurotic. But about the thrill of the ‘new’ – whether it’s really new or just new for a time. My husband always talks about going on a sabbatical – not that either of us are teachers or professors or have the kind of work that might pay you for time off. I’ve always bristled at the idea of picking up and going with our two kids – what if they have a tough time with the adjustment? what will they miss here? how will we get back in the swing once we’re back? –  but now I’m starting to get it.

What about you? Do you have dreams of just taking a break from Brooklyn to see about life on the other side? With the idea that you’d be back?