$2 Million Is The New $1 Million1

Posted by Deirdre // 04-16-2012


A friend who lives in Clinton Hill, toying with buying here or moving elsewhere, said this the other day. This NY Times article confirms it. We were away all week and didn’t read a line of the paper, so I learned about the article last night on twitter.

My question was, where the hell would you go if you sold (she did not answer, perhaps because there is no good answer)? I guess it’s one thing if you’re going from the nicest block in Park Slope to somewhere less expensive like Bay Ridge, but otherwise there’s no bettering your living. And if you don’t already own a townhouse on the nicest block, you’re basically screwed.

This beauty, on Kane Street in Cobble Hill – a drop-dead gorgeous street that I used to walk on every day on my way to and from the F – supposedly got 14 offers, all above the $1.875 mill asking price. Apparently this is a bargain, since after all it’s a one family for less than $2m. If this is where it’s all going, PS 29 or not, we’re out.

214 Kane Street, Cobble Hill


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  1. Sandra says:
    April 16th, 2012 at 4:26 pm

    I know, it’s crazy how prices have risen. We’ve been looking to either buy or rent in Greenpoint and have found that renting is cheaper.