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Bed-Stuy, Red Hook, and…Staten Island?120

Posted by Deirdre // 03-17-2012


I was up early with my older one (well, 8 o’clock which is NOT early but they went to bed at 11 after friends were over) who had some cereal and promptly went on the iPad. This is a weekend-only thing for them, and it allows me some time to do things like read.

My husband and I used to fantasize about living in this Red Hook building. Photo Ui Seit for The NY Times.

So I actually got through most of today’s NY Times Real Estate section, which is chock full of alt-Bklyn and city stuff. The Living In is about Red Hook — its feeling close to the “Manhattan-center-of-the-universe and still have a small town feel”. Residents of Red Hook are a specific lot, those seeking out its removed and hard-edged quality. As usual with this section, I find the information on the schools totally unhelpful. Does anyone out there send their kids to local schools, or have another alternative? It’s close to the Brooklyn New School but that’s lottery (and very in-demand).

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Bay Ridge Day Trip via Brooklyn Based12

Posted by Deirdre // 03-15-2012


Why thanks, Brooklyn Based for this totally rocking day trip itinerary! I can personally vouch for Bab-al Yemen and Tanoreen – the husb’s ethnic food obsession really hits its stride out here (plus our good friends and fellow ethnic food fascist dad is a local).

Ethnic food row by Anne Szustek

Schools are so-so, but improving I hear. Blocks are beautiful and single-family houses abound (somewhat affordably). Commute for anyone going into Manhattan is a BUMMER. Anyone considering  – or live in and love – “The Ridge” (as we call it)?


Mt Kisco Day Trip!12

Posted by Deirdre // 03-09-2012


My first guest post! I became friends with Westchesterlife, aka Lady O’Grady on twitter and quickly saw that she would be a great source for us (mostly because of her snarky tweets).  She’s from Manhattan, not Brooklyn but don’t hold it against her. I asked her to do this post an embarrassingly long time ago and it’s been sitting there burning a hold in my inbox waiting to see the light of day. At least you can really enjoy a day trip now that the weather is turning nicer (even though it never was that bad).

A little about our writer – she lived in Manhattan from 2000 to 2006 — East Village, Lower East Side, Upper West Side and then out. She’s got a little one – 15 months old when she wrote this – now he’s probably in Kindergarten (ok, not really).

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