Leaving the City – The Horror68

Posted by Deirdre // 01-09-2012



Is it me or does this country mouse look like he's about to skin the other alive?

Okay, that’s a bit of a dramatic title, but the people behind Reclaimed Home Blog (Brooklynites once again) called one of their posts on the subject “Heart of Darkness” and referred to it as The Horror. We often dream about living in a house out in the country, but I think my husband would no longer have a social life or career that involves travel as I’d be terrified to be alone at night. Or I’d just sleep in my kid’s bed.

Even more apropos to the group is their other post featuring a caution/checklist/challenge for those considering the move, which is AMAZING (I’m sorry I hadn’t seen it before now!). Note that they moved back from Beacon, which has been on the minds and tongues of several on the group of late (not to mention the NY Times). As she says, it’s up to personal choice of course. So maybe you belong in nature, with fresh air and open spaces. Or maybe the thought of no delivery and everyone knowing your biz is like starring in your own horror flick. 

Thanks to the fab Upstater Blog for the tip!


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