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More Greenwood News via Brownstoner3

Posted by Deirdre // 11-29-2011


You know from other posts that we love lots of things about Greenwood Heights. Now we hear that the cemetery is trying to buy and renovate this amazing building on 25th & 5th, to turn it into a museum and tourist center (sounds bad but could be good for the ‘hood). More here.


Image via Brownstoner



GOOD News about Middle School????12

Posted by Deirdre // 11-22-2011


The whole Middle School conundrum stresses me enough to overcome a lot of negatives about moving (not sure which ones exactly…more on that later). So when good news comes in that will make that time less stressful than say, being audited by the IRS or serving on a drug lord’s murder trail jury, it’s big news!

The Children's School classroom via

The Children’s School in District 15 in Park Slope, which gets high marks from parents and the likes of Joyce Szuflita, is apparently “expand(ing) one grade per year into Pre-K to 8”. Read the details here. Thanks Park Slope Parents for the tip!

Also, we should note that District 15 is big and encompasses way more than Park Slope – Red Hook, Gowanus, Greenwood, Sunset Park and over to Fulton Street in Ft Greene. District map below, courtesy of Brooklyn Prospect Charter School – maybe also worth checking out?

District 15 Map


Telecommuting the answer? Maybe not.0

Posted by Deirdre // 11-22-2011


I can tell you for sure if “working from home” means watching the kids at the same time (especially if you’ve got a baby and toddler, like this oh-so-convincing Padma-esque Mom) it ain’t gonna work. I guess the point of this article is to understand what you’re looking for and how it might work, not just assume working from home will solve all your work/life issues. As with everything there are stressors involved, regardless.

"Kids, just let me update the Top Chef blog and then I'll fix your lunch."