Outside NYC Ain’t Always Pleasantville3

Posted by Deirdre // 09-26-2011


So there are small cities and towns and even big cities that we’ve all heard of being pretty hard-core: Baltimore, DC, Philly, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago and yes Detroit (there it is again). The list goes on. But for small cities in the Hudson Valley, one may think of poverty as being an issue for sure, but crime? Worse crime than in the worst parts of the city? Yep.

FBI agent James Gagliano in "Blood Alley." Photo via NY Times by Joseph Rodriguez

This week New York Magazine shines a harsh light on Newburgh, NY which is right across the river from Beacon, the darling of dia and the star of the recent NY Times article. Yikes. I grew up seeing ‘Newburgh’ on the sign for I-84 West when we would drive up to my family’s cabin in Putnam County. We never went there or talked about it. Since then I’ve driven through, sticking to the highway, past sad strip malls and fast food joints. I sort of imagined a sweet little Main Street tucked away far from the noise and bustle of the highway. In this case what’s unseen is actually worse.