You Heard It – Commuter PAIN Index0

Posted by Deirdre // 09-10-2011


This is not some sort of Bush-era torture tactic. This is an actual study commissioned by IBM (why, I’m not sure – frustrated commuters buy more laptops?) which quantifies the relative “pain” felt in various cities around the world in relation to the driving commute.

As you can see, New York actually fared quite well in comparison to cities like Beijing and Mexico City, and even to tightly wound Singapore.

You Can't Handle the Truth!

But the NY Times Wheels Blog made sure to mention the finding that “despite big increases in the percentages of commuters who said traffic had improved either “somewhat” or “substantially” in the past three years, drivers in 12 of the 15 cities surveyed…complained substantially more than they did in previous years about the stress and frustration that accompanied their daily commute”. Ouch. For example, 45% of New Yorkers who drove to work said that “traffic increased their stress,” whereas only 13 percent said the same in 2010. What gives? The switch to satellite radio isn’t what it was cracked up to be?

Who the hell drives to Manhattan to go to work anyway? But seriously, if you thought that maybe you would just drive in a few days a week or move to upper Rockland and screw the bus, the full report might be worth a look.