Phew, Day 1 Has Come and Gone0

Posted by Deirdre // 09-08-2011


Today was the 1st day of school for all of us NYC Public School goers. My older one started 1st Grade and compared to the sweat-inducing angst I felt last year, today was a breeze. Of course I will continue my anxiety secretly until I know that he has someone to play with during recess who doesn’t beat him up. But today he sat down at his new table, opened up an Elephant and Piggie book and started reading like he was in our Living Room.

Mo Willams from the Elephant and Piggie Series, "Can I Play too?"

One thing that we were protected from last year with an entrance separate from the main, was the craziness of a few thousand kids and parents entering at once. It was controlled chaos, probably because many kids (and parents) were too nervous to push and shove. But it made me wonder if it’s better – or worse – elsewhere. How were others’ first days? Anyone out of the city starting a new school? Do tell!