“Williamsburg on the Hudson”39

Posted by Deirdre // 08-05-2011


A friend, who is in the same Bklyn vs Burbs and Beyond predicament, sent this link to the NY Times piece titled “Williamsburg on the Hudson,” with the following note: “Sometimes all it takes is one article for a confused couple like us to raise an eyebrow and think ‘huh……wait a minute…..'” Agreed.

Beacon, NY where very cool stuff is happening, but it also has its fair share of struggle

One of my favorite parts of the article is where they talk about a “parlor game” in which people compare towns in the Hudson Valley to neighborhoods in NYC, “For instance, Rhinebeck might be the Upper East Side, Woodstock the West Village, New Paltz the Upper West Side, Beacon the East Village, Rosendale and High Falls different parts of Williamsburg. Tivoli could be compared to Greenpoint, Hudson to Chelsea, Catskill to Bushwick, Kingston to a mix of Fort Greene and Carroll Gardens.” That just may rule out Rhinebeck for us.


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