What the Bronx Zoo peacock can teach us about living in the city0

Posted by Deirdre // 08-03-2011


So this guy flew the coop, so to speak, going from the middle of the Bronx to a coveted perch on Manhattan’s East Side. 5th Avenue, to be exact – overlooking Central Park, the Plaza and the Pierre, on a windowsill that’s sure to belong to a multi-million dollar, professionally decorated Classic Six.

Peacock Partying, via NY Times City Room

This glorious and celebrated bird chose his spot and hung out for a little over 12 hours – probably checking out the tourists riding horse-drawn carriages and the real life-gossip girls tapping on their iPhones from the backseats of private cars headed to Barney’s or Bergdorf’s. Watching the runners and bikers swarm into the park for their after-work sweat and the street vendors closing up shop for the night. Listening to the guys from Jersey gunning their engines down the stretch of asphalt, and M2, M3, M5 stopping and noisily lowering their steps in their beep-beep-beeping way. Smelling the street meat cooking in the early morning hours, along with the smell of garbage wafting up from the trucks picking up a day’s worth of summertime sludge.

Then he said, “Fuck it. I’m out,” and high-tailed it back home to his relatively bucolic home in captivity. A place where screaming children and odd adults who visit zoos without kids go and ogle him from the Wild Asia monorail and beg him to open his tail.


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