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Alt Brooklyn Hood Greenwood Heights27

Posted by Deirdre // 08-29-2011


I’m sure moving has not been the first thing you’ve been thinking about these last few days…but if your Sunday paper was eaten up by Hurricane Irene like ours, check out this week’s Living In on Greenwood Heights. I’ve written about the area before as a great alternative to leaving Brooklyn. Depending on your zone, there are at least two great elementary schools (PS 295 and PS 10) and one very arts-focused and neighborhoody middle school. And lots of cool things happening in the area that the NY Times article doesn’t even touch (like the awesome sister establishments Southside Coffee [seriously good] and Lot 2 Restaurant [yummy and cool] on 6th Avenue). The WSJ also did a piece on the ‘hood a few months ago, as an alternative to Park Slope.

Lot 2 Restaurant. Photo by Sam Horine

There are lots of gems in the area, a few of which you can find on neighborhood and other relevant blogs, including well-founded rumors (from a friend who lives across the street, to F’d in Park Slope) of a hipster beer garden coming to the southern tip of 7th Avenue and Giuseppina’s, a Lucali spin-off. As far as other quality of life measures, it’s close enough to the park to make it a regular visit with wee ones. Grocery shopping, not so much – but there is a local CSA, and it’s an easy bus ride along 7th or 5th Ave to Park Slope for Co-op or other shopping.

If you’re an architecture appreciator you’ll be disappointed by the dominance of vinyl siding, but with it comes the possibility of owning an actual house. Our friends have a sweet place across from the cemetery which is much more charming than it sounds. They call the neighborhood “the prairie” but with a good latte, organic veggies and artisinal pizza, it’s well on its way to welcoming settlers.


Getting ‘creamed in Tarrytown0

Posted by Deirdre // 08-21-2011


When I’m out of town and actually get a few minutes to read the NY Times on a Sunday, I always check out the Metropolitan section for a taste of life on the outside. Today, within the less than enthusiastic feature review of an Italian joint in Scarsdale (I swear, the only ratings restaurants get in that section are ‘OK’) there was a ‘Quick Bite’ on Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany (LICKS!) in Tarrytown.

Inside the shop - image via lohudblogs

Started by a former business man/politician who was encouraged by friends to take his homemade creations to the masses, he uses all fresh and (whenever possible) local ingredients. It may be a natch place to stop for a homemade ‘cream while touring the river towns — it’s next to the train station, which happens to be right along the Hudson and a public park with a playground. So after the sugar high the kids can run themselves ragged while you read the Styles section.


Is this heaven? No, it’s the suburbs4

Posted by Deirdre // 08-17-2011


The Urban Upstater blog chronicles the woes of a girl from the ‘burbs who moved to the city and now longs for malls and fast food. It’s kind of an interesting perspective for many of us who are loath to picture ourselves with that existence. This post is about one of the inconveniences of living here that we all complain about – the fact that you have to carry stuff around with you because you walk and/or take mass transit.

“If only I could have thrown that coffeemaker into the trunk of my minivan and called it a day. How wonderful it must be to select a shower gift…without once considering weight and portability! What must that be like”?

Hey, according to Racked you can hook up there

I get it. I have dealt with hauling bedding home on the subway from the dreaded Bed, Bath & Beyond (I actually love that frigging place and all its randomness).

When my husband and I were dating, he carried an air conditioner home on the subway, then four blocks home and up a flight of stairs. I mean, just take a frigging cab! Would you have NOT bought the thing if it had been an extra $15? Us city folk are stubborn and kind of stupid.

What I don’t get is the longing for drive-thru Taco Bell. Does that mean I’m unqualified to live outside of the city limits?