Jesus, boozing it on MetroNorth1

Posted by Deirdre // 07-29-2011


I’m now finding all the commuter blogs, so you can all see what you may have to look forward to should you choose that route. Now if you’re prone to banter and can write, maybe you can turn it into a fun pastime like some of these people have. So far, I’ve found a few winners.

First up, My Effing Commute. This post is pretty genius.
I saw Jesus on the train the other night at 125th street. He parted the closing doors, crossed the gap and sat down next to me. He looked tired.
Long day Jesus? I asked. With a glance my way his eyes said yes. What’s on your mind saviour?

Pass me the 40, cuz my mom's not looking (in this case mom is Mary!! get it??) Image via

Next, and the latest post Small Talk (a winner of a title – I just got it). And I guess it’s worth checking out his poll on the crappiest train station in the Tri-State area, because if you’re commuting from said town you’d be spending a big chunk of time there. It would kind of suck if you bought a great house and were psyched about the town and the school and had yourself feeling so wonderful about your decision and then you got to the station on the first day of your new commuting life and it was desolate and run down and smelled like pee.

And finally I Ride the Harlem Line which is a well kept blog by a graphic designer who is also obsessed with trains, as it turns out. I’m really looking forward to her tweets, because I’m not all that into trains (except through the eyes of my 6 year old). This post is a good random assortment of her musings about train life, though.

Hide your Junior's Cheesecake from

After this quick foray into the social media of train riders, I feel more optimistic that there are witty people out there in the suburbs who find the humor in the banal crap that we all go through every day. I mean there are plenty of Jesus-like dudes on the F train stinking of malt liquor, but when someone points it out it’s a lot more funny.


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  1. Bertccohen says:
    July 29th, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    That Korpic blog (My Effing Commute) was hilarious!! Thanks for sharing! :-)