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Posted by Deirdre // 07-23-2011


Someone on the list serve rightfully asked what to do when visiting his target town of the moment, Hastings. Thanks to one of our members, “Ralph Kramden” (who lives in Hastings and wanted his identity to remain that of an infamous Brooklynite from 1950’s tv) we have ourselves a pretty extensive day trip. It actually feels like things you’d really do on a Saturday if you lived there, which is the best way to get a feel for everyday life. We’re not suggesting THIS Saturday when we’re all under the evil heat dome and will be in water or a heavily air conditioned movie theater, but sometime soon?

Hastings Farmer’s Market – The place to be on a Summer Saturday. Photo via Doug Schneider photography

~ Start at the Farmer’s market at the Library (Saturdays during summer, 8:30am-1:30pm), and grab breakfast or groceries. You’ll see pretty much everybody in the village and from surrounding areas there.

~ Visit Hastings Hardware. The store is surprisingly well-stocked for DIY chores around the house, and if it doesn’t have what you’re looking for (a la PHC) you probably didn’t need it anyway.

~ Lunch at Juniper or Comfort (newer). Or Maud’s (older and more conventional bar-type restaurant)

~ Walk along the Old Croton Aqueduct, which runs right through Hastings

Old Croton Aqueduct

~ Bike, blade, run or walk on the South County Trailway, which is at the Eastern edge of the village, paralleling the Saw Mill River Parkway

~ Swing by Chemka pool and take a look. The people who weren’t at the Farmer’s market will be there on a nice day. It’s a lovely pool in a setting that feels like a summer camp.

~ Go to Greenleaf pharmacy and get a smoothie or ice cream from a high-schooler (you’ll want to know what kind of kids the school turns out)

– Get coffee at Antoinette’s south of the village on Warburton, or at By the Way bakery in the village across from the Post Office. Or take a drive to Ardsley and go to Riviera Bakery, which has desserts that put most patisseries to shame.

– Have an afternoon drink and snack outside Harvest-on-Hudson, right by the river. On a nice day it’s a vacation-like experience. There’s a playground for kids in the river park abutting the restaurant.

Dinner on the water at Harvest on Hudson

~ Aperitifs at Buffet de la Gare (or dinner if you reserve well ahead of time). Even having a drink at the bar is like a brief transport to Paris.

Through twitter, we got a few other tips. An NYC ex-pat Sarah O’Grady of Westchester Life suggested lunch at Taiim Falafel Shack, which has gotten great reviews from the likes of Westchester Magazine (Best of Westchester 2011) to the New York Times; she also seconded the Farmer’s Market to start and Harvest on Hudson for drinks/dinner. Westchester Magazine linked us to all restaurants in the town and gave us a (pretty dated but thorough) shop and dine overview.

Oh, and I just noticed the Best Places to Live part of the Best of Westchester, so you can await a post on that (or just go and read it yourself).


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