Inspiration From Someone Who Did It…3

Posted by Deirdre // 06-15-2011


This bio pretty much rocked my world the other day. Ok, so she is probably 10 years younger than me and doesn’t have kids (eg, responsibilities). But she did it – she made the break. “…one day, a series of random events at work led me to Vermont to handle some business matters. The cool air, mountain views, and quirky people lured me in. I began to wish I could stay here. And then all of a sudden I realized…I could!”

VT Farm Girl

It’s not lost on me that she was in advertising (basically the field I’m in) and moved to the outskirts of Burlington, which is the beautiful town where I went to college and learned to love the mountains. Okay, so now that I have kids in school and I’m currently responsible for the insurance and regular paycheck, plus grandparents who would freak if we moved too far away, what’s the solution?
Don’t worry, that was basically a rhetorical question. Visit Alison’s blog, diaryofadairyqueen which now chronicles her days as a real-life farmer.

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